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Krista Rosecká, République Tchèque

Martina Hirsch, Oesterreich

Julian Slater, France

Bernadette Brusa, Schweiz

Kristel Tüüna-Lepp, Estonia

David Joigneau, France

Tsveta Netsova


Dear Erica, Paul, Dagmar, Anna and Luc,

Today is my last day in Brussels. 
I would like to thank you for being so nice with me, I was so happy living in your flats and I had wonderful time in Brussels, hope will come back and again live in this flat with the lovely terrace.

All the best


Dear Paul, 

During my presence in Brussels, for more than three years I lived in the roof apartment at Brabançonne. 
I adored the apartment (so did my friends), I still do when I remember it. I enjoyed the brightness, the warmth, the charm of it, the house itself, the colourful (in many ways) area and, of course, friendly communication with the Ottoy family

Gytis Marcinkevičius, Vilnius, Lithuania 

Dirbdamas Briuselyje aš daugiau nei trejus metus gyvenau bute, kuris įrengtas palėpėje, name Brabançonne gatvėje. 
Tai nuostabus butas (jis taip pat patiko mano draugams), aš vis dar su malonumu prisimenu šį būstą. Man patiko tai, kad jis šviesus, šiltas, žavus, taip pat man patiko pats namas ir visomis prasmėmis spalvingas Briuselio rajonas. Ir, žinoma, man itin patiko draugiškas bendravimas su Ottoy šeimyna

Gytis Marcinkevičius, Vilnius, Lietuva

Over the past years we have been housing many nationalities. Europeans of course but also Americans, Canadians, Japanees, South Africans... all people that became friends and with whom we stay in contact long after their departure.

Some of their testimonials will prove you that it is good to live with us.

Herewith also a list of people still living in our apartments or who left some time ago, but who will be willing to give you all the advice on our activities you need. Feel free to contact them.



Letters of recommendation

Dear Easylifeinbrussels team,

I wish to thank you for the service provided during the 6 months I spent in one of your flat in Brussels. For the short-term period I was in the city, it was really difficult for me to find a place, specially because I could not come directly to Brussels. And with this flat I really found a home away from home. Not only the flat was decorated with taste and perfectly according to pictures, but I was also impressed by the quality of services that came with it. I also rarely saw a company so available at any time of the week, and you made it a lot easier for me to move and live for those 6 months in Belgium, as I could focus only on work, knowing that everything else was taken care of.
I have to admit that I was always scared to rent a flat entirely online, but you surely gave me a new perspective !



Dear Paul,

During my mission in NATO I lived in one of your apartments in the Rue de Marteau more than 2 years. It has been a pleasure - the apartment was nice and cozy, every problem that occurred was taken care of immediately and I especially liked the neighborhood. I could just step out of the building and have a tasty meal in the corner restaurant.or wine J I had a wonderful time there and I miss it deeply.

Thanks again.

Kairi Raudsepp, Estonian Delegation to NATO


Ik beveel nieuwkomers hier altijd aan op jullie site te kijken! Ik meen het nog ook, jullie zijn:

  • Professoneel, flexibel, zeer klantvriendelijk, makkelijk benaderbaar bij probleempjes, en de prijs-kwaliteit verhouding in Schuman area is prima.
  • Ook uw schoonmaak- en onderhoudsmensen leveren prima werk.
  • Ik heb met veel plezier 5 jaar lang, drie verschillende locaties bij EasyLifeinBrussels genoten!
Charl Jansen, werkzaam als National Expert bij de European Commission van 2006-2011, Nederland,


Dear Paul,

As you know I remained quite some time with you in the rue du Marteau. With me and the apartment there it was « love at first sight » When I came back, the apartment was rented and I took another one in the rue de Toulouse, closer to the Parliament. Still happy here aswell.

Auli Hellman, European Parliament, Finnland


Hea Paul,

Elades ja töötades Brüsselis oli mul suurepärane võimalus ajutine kodu leida Rue du Marteau tänava katusekorteris. See oli väga meeldiv pesa - väike, armas, hubane. Kõik probleemid, mis tekkisid, leidsid lahenduse praktiliselt kohe. See on Belgias suht unikaalne J Ka see piirkond oli super. Jään alati sinna tagasi igatsema.

Kairi Raudsepp, Eesti Alaline Esindus NATO juures

Easy to say: the decoration of the apartment in rue du Marteau was just esquisit ! Thanks for your good taste and good care.

Stine Lundin Andresen, Director EFTA, FMO


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