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Furnished Marvelous Garden Apartment - House of Stars

Rue de l'Alliance-Verbond, 1210 Brussels - p.m from €1175 
Available NOW

Furnished Marvelous Garden Apartment - House of Stars

Rue de l'Alliance-Verbond, 1210 Brussels  -  p.m from  €1175   -  Available NOW

AL220A - Marvevous garden apartment entirely renovated in the modern standard at 50 meters from the EU commission at Madou.




Dear EasyLifeinBrussels,

Due to the high demand, we kindly recommend you to reserve soonest.

The reservation fee will then be used as a part of your safety deposit when the contract is signed.


The reservation process:

1) You finish this form, make the payment of the reservation fee using our online payment service.

2) We invoice you the first month of rent after 7 days of this reservation.

3) You have 7 days to pay us. If you do not, we will consider as you cancel the reservation and the reservation fee is not refunded by the EU law.

4) After the payment of the first month of rent in (2), you have 14 days to sign the contract. Otherwise, your reservation is cancelled without refund. Signing the contract with us and you do not need to pay for the first month of rent anymore.

5) Enjoy your stay!

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