1. November

Furnished Studio in Brussels Schuman, EU District

rue des Cultes, Brussels 1000 - p.m from €490 
Available from 02/11/2021

Furnished Studio in Brussels Schuman, EU District

rue des Cultes, Brussels 1000  -  p.m from  €490   -  Available from 02/11/2021

CU232Des - Apartment of all comforts renovated with taste. You will be home from the first contacts, that's for sure.


In one of the most pleasant and lively areas of Brussels, close to the European Commission services that sit in the Madou Tower, a few meters from the metro station and within walking distance of the main EU institutions, this recently renovated studio will offer you a most enjoyable stay in Brussels. The price is affordable with all the comforts: washing machine / dryer, shower, private toilet, flat screen TV with ASTRA satellites and Hotbird (TELESAT service charge) and broadband internet adsl.

To ensure your comfort, a studio cleaning is done every week and technical assistance is available if needed.

In all of our properties, except exclusively indicated, are all serviced. The services are included in the total cost such as bed linen (biweekly), cleaning (weekly), satellite TV, private Internet/WIFI, insurance, basic supplies, 24/7 technical support (for other competitor, calling a service in urgent requirement will cost you very much. In this case, you cost nothing with EasyLifeinBrussels).

If you see the Appointment or Reservation option, you can visit or make a reservation for the apartment or studio. CU232Des is the reference you need if you want to communicate about this apartment.
Here are all of our services. Although they may vary (eg. satellite...), basic premium services are always included in all apartments as listed below.
You will be informed clearly what services you will get before signing the contract with us.


Only at EasyLifeinBrussels.be!
Away from home you deserve comfort
You have access to Cable TV and three Satellites: HotBird and Astra (1&2)


Fast wireless internet is available in all apartments. 
EasyLifeinBrussels provides 300GB/month (in reality unlimited). Up to 50Mbps download, 9 Mbps upload, 8 accesses simultaneously.
All systems and corresponding lines are monitored 24/7.


You always feel no worry when living in our apartments because you are covered by Fire and Water leakage insurance.


Each of our apartments in cleaned on a weekly basis and clean bedlinen and towels are provided every two weeks.


Energy Certificate

Rent Calculation
For this apartment, you must rent at least 0 month(s). Daily rent is not possible.

Please select the duration of your stay to obtain the price!

Total rent/month = Base rent + Flat fee + Consumption

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  In order to give you the possibility to compare, here is the price of the rent perday all included  


  Please notice that we do not lease per day, only per full month.  


All prices and calculations are approximations and subjected to be changed at any time without notice. !